Privacy Statement

L.P. Sailing Perfection B.V., Equiplite®
Leerlooiersstraat 6
8601 WK Sneek
Registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 1083594

Contact person for privacy matters is Mr. L.P. Poorter.

The further (contact) details can be found on the website

In this Privacy statement we refer to ourselves as "us", "we" or "our".

When we mention the website we are referring to the aforementioned website.
When you use the website the following cookies are used by default: collecting and analysing statistics (Google Analytics). This involves no or minor consequences for the privacy of the website visitors. These cookies are stored for approximately 6 months. We do not process any complete IP addresses and no complete IP addresses or other data are shared with Google.
Personal data
A. General and purposes. We process personal data for a number of purposes.
  • i.i. The first purpose is processing personal data of our customers, suppliers and other relations in order to execute the agreements we conclude with them. After all, we must be able to maintain contact with our customers, suppliers and other relations, conclude one or more agreements with them and execute and invoice these.
  • ii.ii. The second purpose is that we periodically send (digitally or physically) (news) messages to our customers, suppliers and other relations. We do this based on legitimate interests.
  • iii.iii. The third purpose is that we sometimes check the creditworthiness of our customers. We do this based on legitimate interests.
B. Which Personal data? We mainly process the following (personal) data:
  • name, address, place of residence, country
  • telephone number, email address
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • Possibly: VAT number
  • agreements and possibly a project administration
  • correspondence with our (potential) customers, suppliers and other relations.
  • agreements
  • Data about to the creditworthiness of customers (if we find this useful).
  • financial, invoice and payment data related to the agreements.

C. Provision to third parties. We do not provide any personal data to third parties, unless this is required for what is mentioned above under paragraph a. For example, we only provide personal data (name, address, place of residence, country) to the carrier to be able to deliver products. We also use an external marketing platform (Mail Chimp) to send our newsletters.

D. Hosting and service providers. Personal data are stored on a server and various software applications.

E. Periods. We store personal data for the following periods:
  • Personal data that is necessary or useful for our legal position is stored by us for 6 years.
  • For fiscal data we use the periods that are used by the tax office.
  • Data of customers who buy via our web shop and indicate that they are a one-off customer, will be removed 6 months after completion of the order.
  • A storage period is also referred to under the heading 'Cookies'.
  • Data with respect to someone's creditworthiness is stored for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

F. From whom do we receive Personal data We receive personal data from our customers, mainly when people create an account on our website and/or place an order and from our suppliers and other relations and from the agency where we request data about someone's creditworthiness.

Security of personal data.
Personal data are processed in a secured environment. We have taken security measures for this at several levels. We evaluate the degree of security periodically and if necessary we adjust our security policy.
Rights of data subject
The person whose personal data we process (the data subject) has various rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. In brief, it concerns the following.
  • Data subject can request access to their personal data that is being processed.
  • The right to rectify his personal data.
  • The right to request deletion of personal data.
  • The right to limit the processing.
  • The right to transfer personal data.
  • The right to object.

The precise content of these rights and any restrictions thereto are mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation. We comply with what is referred to there with respect to these rights.

If you believe that your privacy rights are being violated, you have the right to submit a complaint about this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (
Data breaches
If a personal data breach has occurred we will immediately report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, unless it is unlikely that the personal data breach entails a risks to the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

When the personal data breach entails a likely high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, we immediately inform the data subject concerned about the personal data breach.

Version of this privacy statement
This privacy statement was last changed on 16 May 2018.