SWIv™ CP (Compression Pin) for use of spliced ropes.

The SWIv™ CP is a one of a kind Swivel with the latest technologies. It designed to make the best use of the fiber workloads and safest interface (connection) to all Ropes (Halyard - sheets) in to the SWIv™. The SWIv™ CP is the most durable and safest connetor that retains its shape and can easily be opened up to breakload. Weight at the mast top is one of the biggest drawbacks in yacht performance. With the SWIv™ CP we have accomplished to make its high tensile alloy aluminum body 20% lighter the previous generation. Maximizes luff length.


Safety, ensures that the loop will never come off acciedentlly.
Carbon bearing, lower
friction, unmatched

The new way to connect.

Using the special designed compression-pin the loads will be equally divided over the entity line. By using the compression-pin a large connect area is created, increasing the friction so the special will be under less load. The Compression-pin can be used for single and dual braid lines.


Fit all Ropes in to the swivel.

The specially designed swivel can now hold the rope (Halyard, Sheets etc.) without the need of additional connectors. Beacause of the highest standards in materials used, in combination with the specially compression Pin™. We ensured saving weight while improving on the safety aspects. The Tecnology significant and long term advantage of this core technology is the fact that there is no need for any termination or mechanical link to transfer the load from the synthetic rope to the swivel.

View the SWIv™ GP (Groofy™ pin) for use of 360 loops and multiple strands ropes

Fiber Certification

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Frequently asked question
How should I select the correct Swivel, to use for your line diameter?

Example our 14-10 SHL. Always the first number; 14 is the Rope / Line size. Line diameter of a full covered spliced rope

What`s in the BOX?

+ One CP (Compression pin™).

How to install?

+ Download Installation sheet: SWIv CP

How do I identify my Equiplite product?

How does it work, Your Equiplite product has an NFC chip injected in her synthetic and hardware. Use the Mobile devices to read the data of your Equiplite product to the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

+ To read the NFC-Chip follow the following steps.

+ Please find the Read out positions.

+ Please find the Functionalities.

What is the protective cover made of?

The protective cover is made of Dyneema® use of the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It's not only on the surface, but runs all the ways through. The cover extends the life length and ensures the consistent quality and aesthetics of the Equiplite® loop.

Used on?

- Lock strops

- Halyard postions

- Gennaker sheets

- Tack line

- Boom Preventer

Is the full Equiplite® range SWIv CP, certified?

Since 2002, Equiplite® Synthetic Hardware certified and fully tested in breaking load, fatigue and abrasion. CE stamp. Proofloaded @ 50% of Minimum Breaking Load. Certifed ISO-9001:2000 Preload certificate, NEN-EN 1090 CE marking and Declaration of conformity.

What do the abbreviations in Equiplite product names stand for?

SWIv CP = Swivel. CP= Compression Pin. For use Of spliced ropes.

Line Ø (mm) = The diameter of the synthetic, Rope / Line. Line diameter of a full covered spliced rope

Throat = That is the distance from the bottom Swivel to the inside loop.

MWL = Maximum Working Load.

MBL = Minimum Breaking Load.