Gennaker Model

Partner for peeling


Equiplite® Gennaker block employs wide alloy sheaves to pass two sheets for peeling under load. The GCB block use Dyneema, loops to take the loads directly through the centre of the sheave, which results in a extremely strong and lightweight construction. The throat length is optimized for the Gennaker position

Our Gennaker Style are durable lightweight and can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability and can both meet the needs of the sailors and reach performance targets.

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Optimum flexibility.
Guarantees safe.


< 170t MBL


Gennaker positions.
Spinnaker positions.
Guy positions.
Mooring lines positions.

Boundaries are meant to be pushed.

Just the right amount of everything.

GCB Snatching Performance captures more of what you see and feel combined with the build-in Lock technology. 100% locked.

Microchip implant An identification chip(NFC) will improve the management of all your blocks® This gives all technical details fo the past item you need in a matter of seconds. So your memories look better than ever.


Standard for the full range GCB. Gennaker Blocks.

Range from 5.5t <170t

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Fiber Certification

Frequently asked question
How should I select the correct Gennaker block, to use for your line diameter?

+ 20-70-8 GCB. 2x12mm is 2x maximum sheet / Line size.

+ 24-80-10 GCB. 2x14mm is 2x maximum sheet / Line size.

+ 26-100-10 GCB. 2x16mm is 2x maximum sheet / Line size.

+ 28-120-12 GCB. 2x18mm is 2x maximum sheet / Line size.

What`s in the BOX?

+ Bungee Becket.

+ 500mm shockcord.

How to install?

+ Download Installation sheet: Gennaker block

How do I identify my Equiplite product?

How does it work, Your Equiplite product has an NFC chip injected in her synthetic and hardware. Use the Mobile devices to read the data of your Equiplite product to the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

+ To read the NFC-Chip follow the following steps.

+ Please find the Read out positions.

+ Please find the Functionalities.

What is the protective cover made of?

The protective cover is made of Dyneema® use of the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It's not only on the surface, but runs all the ways through. The cover extends the life length and ensures the consistent quality and aesthetics of the Equiplite® loop.

Used on?

- Alround Gennaker block

- Code 0 block

- Spinnaker block

- Guy blocks

- Mooring lines block positions

Is the full Equiplite® range Gennaker blocks, certified?

Since 2002, Equiplite® Synthetic Hardware certified and fully tested in breaking load, fatigue and abrasion. CE stamp. Proofloaded @ 50% of Minimum Breaking Load. Certifed ISO-9001:2000 Preload certificate, NEN-EN 1090 CE marking and Declaration of conformity.

What do the abbreviations in Equiplite product names stand for?

GCB = Gennaker Block.

Line Ø (mm) = The diameter of the synthetic, Rope / Line.

Throat = That is the distance from the bottom block to the inside loop.

MWL = Maximum Working Load.

MBL = Minimum Breaking Load.