Quick Style

One system, three styles.


Equiplite snatch block is the only snatching block world-wide equipped with Carbon sides that, combined with advanced synthetic self-aligning, give you all the metrics you need to equip your yacht & lifting applications. The CORe Block adds another dimension to the Equiplite block experience, due to its new expanding modular technology it is possible for us to transform it into three different styles.

Our Quick Style are durable lightweight and can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability and can both meet the needs of the sailors and reach performance targets.

Safety, softness, Lightweight. Our compact loop system and clean protection, reduced possible damage to the yacht to a minimum, Safe. Extremely light weight reduces risk of injury when flogging, 1 and up to 60 percent Lighter Snatch block.

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Weight saving.
Optimum flexibility.
Guaranteed safe.


< 200t MBL

The most popular positions:

Alround Snatch block.
Lifting application.
Main, Jib halyard (2:1).
Tack line.
Mast base.
Main sheet.
Check stays.
Jib-clew 2-1.
Lead, Upstand.

Yacht protection
Four finishing touches.

Safety, softness, lightweight, protection. All contribute to
reduced possible damage to your Yacht and crew.

The soft loop and Velcro® are protecting the yacht & deck by
Preventing the aluminum parts from touching it.

Just the right amount of everything.

Snatching Performance captures more of what you see and feel combined with the build-in Lock technology. 100% locked.

Microchip implant An identification chip(NFC) will improve the management of all your blocks® This gives all technical details fo the past item you need in a matter of seconds. So your memories look better than ever.

The details add up.

At the heart of the block lies the modular based design which consistes of a Center shaft a hard anodised coated sheave VHL bearing and two side plates The modular design of the block creates high serviceability. With only one key it is possible to disassemble the 3 Style.

20% wider bearing allows increased radial loads and larger contact surface; an Equiplite CORe can achieve approximately 2X the load for a given size, weight and cost compared t traditional blocks; very high load, low friction, polymer bearing technology gives unparalled efficiency of at least 94% in dry operation; better drainage of salt; complete protection and shield of shaft; unique: contact surface and slide characteristics improve with wear.

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Now commercially available for the full range snatch block.


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Fiber Certification

Frequently asked question
How should I select the correct Snatching block, to use for your line diameter?

Example our 18-65-7 CB. Always the first number; 18 is the maximum Rope / Line size.

How to install?

+ Download Installation sheet: Snatching block

How do I identify my Equiplite product?

How does it work, Your Equiplite product has an NFC chip injected in her synthetic and hardware. Use the Mobile devices to read the data of your Equiplite product to the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

+ To read the NFC-Chip follow the following steps.

+ Please find the Read out positions.

+ Please find the Functionalities.

What is the protective cover made of?

The protective cover is made of Dyneema® use of the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It's not only on the surface, but runs all the ways through. The cover extends the life length and ensures the consistent quality and aesthetics of the Equiplite® loop.

Used on?

- Alround Snatching block

- Lifting applications

- Main, Jib halyard (2:1) block

- Reef block

- Traveler block

- Tack line

- Mast base block

- Main sheet block

- Check stays

- Jib clew 2-1 block

- Barberhaul block

Is the full Equiplite® range Snatching block, Quick style certified?

Since 2002, Equiplite® Synthetic Hardware certified and fully tested in breaking load, fatigue and abrasion. CE stamp. Proofloaded @ 50% of Minimum Breaking Load. Certifed ISO-9001:2000 Preload certificate, NEN-EN 1090 CE marking and Declaration of conformity.

What do the abbreviations in Equiplite product names stand for?

CB = Snatching Block.

Line Ø (mm) = The diameter of the synthetic, Rope / Line.

Throat = That is the distance from the bottom block to the inside loop.

MWL = Maximum Working Load.

MBL = Minimum Breaking Load.