Non-Swiveling connector

Lifting applications.
Reliable connection without a snug fit of the Rope.

It's not just a simple Soft Quick connector, the NS connector is an issue solver. Main important issues are solved with this system that becomes an extension of the spliced rope. The NS Connector has a high tensile aluminum body and the Dyneema® loop is full covered. As a result, the connector has an unparalleled impact and abrasion resistance.

No snug fitting splice on the body needed to stabilize the connector. That makes it possible to service the connector without taking the line off the ship. The NS Connector does not have a self tightening or jamming action and it's morecompact, lighter and easier to operate compared to a "dog bone".

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A solid solution with approved synthetic certificate.

We consider safety on board is very important. Therefore, the connectors can be additional supplied with a certificate issued by a ISO9001-VCA-EKH certified company. This certificate guarantees the maximum workloads.

Adding the certificate to a yacht management system guarantees close record keeping and the approval of marine surveyors and insurance companies

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Non Snug Fit.
Microchip implant-

When to use the ns connector

The NS connector can be used for all connection between lines and hardware. For example, where you normally use a lashing it is smarter to use the NS connector.

A lashing connection is not approved for a certain breakload. Usually a lot of lashings are required to guarantee the desired breakload. All NS connector have an approved factory certified breakload a single NS connector with the desire breakload will suffice and improve on the safety aspects.

Interface BULLET -- NS-Connector

Safest Interface to change everything
Interface BULLET - NS-Connector


Suit every desirable situation.


< 170t MBL.


Maximizing luff lenght.
Guarantees safe.


Lifting application.
Main halyard.
Jib sheets.
Stay sail sheets.
Genoa sheets.
Gennakker sheets.
Outhall system. Contact us

Unlimited performance.
Impact resistance.

(Neopreen Covers)

Fiber Certification

Frequently asked question
How should I select the correct connector to use for your line diameter?

Example our 14-8NS. Always the first number; 14 is the recommended line size.

How to install?

No snug fitting splice on the body needed.

+ Download Instalation sheet: Non Swiveling Connector

How do I identify my Equiplite® product?

How does it work, Your Equiplite® product has an NFC chip injected in the Synthetic and hardware. Use the Mobile devices to read the data of your Equiplite® product to the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

+ To read the NFC-Chip follow the following steps.

+ Please find the Read out positions.

+ Please find the Functionalities.

What is the protective cover made of?

The protective cover is made of Dyneema® use of the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It's not only on the surface, but runs all the ways through. The cover extends the life length and ensures the consistent quality and aesthetics of the Equiplite® loop.

What is the application of NS connector / synthetic D-shackle product?

- Equiplite® Soft Quick connector, NS connector is specially designed for synthetic ropes.

- For replace stainless steel D-shackle. That translates into a weight saving of 90%.

Used on?

- All Halyards

- All dead ends of the sythecti Rope / Line

- Main Halyard

- Lock strops

- 360 loops

- Jib sheets

- Stay sail sheets

- Genoa sheets

- Gennakker sheets

- Guys

- Runner 2:1 dead ends

- Outhall system

- Lifting applications

- Synthetic chain

Is the full Equiplite® range Soft Quick connector, NS connector certified?

Since 2002, Equiplite® Synthetic Hardware certified and fully tested in breaking load, fatigue and abrasion. CE stamp. Proofloaded @ 50% of Minimum Breaking Load. Certifed ISO-9001:2000 Preload certificate, NEN-EN 1090 CE marking and Declaration of conformity.

What do the abbreviations in Equiplite® product names stand for?

NS = Non Swiveling Connector / Synthetic connector / Synthetic D-shackle

Line Ø (mm) = The diameter of the synthetic, Rope / Line.

MWL = Maximum Working Load.

MBL = Minimum Breaking Load.