Swiveling Connector CP

SWIv™ CP (Compression Pin) for use of spliced ropes.

**Line diameter of a full covered spliced rope

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100-1-10 NEOP-10 Series NS and 4 GNS connectors-1
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the new way to connect

  • Details

    The new way to connect.... 接続する新しい方法,

    It was time to develop a high tech Swivel (SWIv™), with an interface, perfectly suited for the riggers needs – CP (compression pin) "Use only for spliced ropes if "Use of 360 loops and multiple strange ropes you need the SWIv™ GP (Groofy™ Pin)

  • More Information
    More Information
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  • Compression-pin™

    The new way to connect…

    Using the special designed Compression-pin the loads will be equally divided over the entity line. By using the Compression-pin a large contact area is created, increasing the friction so the splice will be under less load. The Compression-pin can be used for single and dual braid lines.

  • Safety

    The Great Advantages

    The special shape of the groove for the fiber loop, the loop lock ensures that the loop will never come off accidentally.