Online payments

At Equiplite® – Sailing Perfection BV, we offer both national and international payment methods through simple financial statements and a secure payment environment.

- iDeal
- DIRECTebanking
Credit card acceptance for:
- Visa
- Mastercard


With the payment method iDEAL for the Netherlands during the ordering process you can make the payment through your bank. You pay using the online banking system from your own bank. With online banking, you can start using iDEAL, without you having to register.

Through our payment service provider Docdata Payments, you can easily choose the payment method iDEAL. You can pay instantly during the ordering process through your own bank. You pay in your trusted online banking environment, based on specific security measures of your bank.


DIRECTebanking is a direct-payment method, certified by the German TÜV and processed via a TÜV secure payment system. DIRECTebanking was developed by the Payment Network AG. A DIRECTebanking payment is a real-time guaranteed payment for users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, UK and France.

The payment system works in a similar way to iDEAL. After the transaction the amount will be credited directly to your MultiSafepay account

Credit Card

Through our payment service provider Docdata Payments you have the option to choose the payment method “credit card”.  Using a secure SSL connection, the checkout process is easy, quick and safe.

The cards accepted by Equiplite® | Sailing Perfection BV


Our customer service is available to assist you when placing an order.

DocData Payments

At  all payments go through our payment service partner DocData.

Payments without boundaries

Our payment service provider DocData Payments allows you to easily choose different payment methods. You can instantly process the payment of an order through your own bank, pay in your trusted online banking environment based on specific security measures of your bank.

Secure payment with DocData:
DocData is an independent third party
Secure payment link
You control your online payments
Clear and trusted payment screens from your own bank
- Guaranteed safety through secure SSL-Connection

High security standards:

DocData meets the highest security standards for online payment transfers. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an accreditation for which they are audited annually.

You may contact DocData for any questions about DocData payments.
To contact the helpdesk, call +31(0)343-530030 or e-mail