LION GP Bullet Furling

LION™ GP TS5 Bullet

Furling Swivel with an interface, LION™ GP (Groovy™ Pin) for use of 360 loops and multiple strand ropes

**MLS (mm²)....: Max. loop surface (Cross section)

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  • Details

    With an interface, perfectly suited for the Sailmakers & Riggers needs - "Use of spliced ropes or "Use of 360 loops and multiple strange ropes.

    **Position.: All Lock Systems/strops, Code 0 and Gennaker halyards - Staysail and Inner-forestay systems.

    Furling Top Swivels are the lightest in weight, lightest in furling and efficient because it eliminates connections. That’s what makes the Top Swivel, a “top” swivel.

  • More Information
    More Information
    Number of Variables 2

    It's what makes a top swivel, a "top" swivel

    Not only is it based on the rock-solid TS foundation that promises an unparalleled stability and weight to strength ratio, it also delivers an incredible increase in performance, Maximizes luff lengths and employs the latest industry leading technology for Formula one and super yacht standards

  • Groovy-pin™

    Were you can't accept compression on the fibers

    Significant and long term advantage of this core technology is the fact that there is no need for any termination or mechanical link to transfer the load from the 360 fiber loop to the furling swivel. Whilst it can be supplied/attached as a "soft-loop", Groofy-pin™ are generally used to increase longevity. For use 360 loop or multiple strand ropes.

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