Air Identifier

  • Impact- and water resistant
  • Passieve
  • MagicStrap NXP / RFID-transponders
Maintenance management system
  • Lightening the administrative
  • Automatic service schedules
  • Postition of the soft and hardware
  • Function of the soft and hardware
  • Maintenance history
  • Certification
An identification chip (NFC)
Clip, Injected in Synthetic
Dyneema® use of the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It's not only on the surface, but runs all the ways through. the loop and cover extends the life length and ensures the consistent quality and aesthetics of the Equiplite® SK fiber loop

MS33H Chip

MagicStrap NXP / RFID-transponders

Wireless.Management. Recognize.Security. Ensures,approval