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    Use the Equiplite LYnkMe™ app to Tag, use your iPhone or Android mobile as a scanner, Pair/ Linked to different devices. To resolve inefficiency, product details, paper-based data, maintenance registration and safe use instructions, which are either stored off-site or are in the hands of a few qualified gatekeepers. The use of Equiplite LYnkMe™ helps to ensure that all users can have easy access to this vital information – 24/7, 365 days a year – via Phone device.

    How does it work, Your Equiplite product has an NFC chip injected in her Synthetic and Hardware. Use the iPhone or Android mobile** devices to Tag/ read the data of your Equiplite product from the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

    This works to improve the management of all Equiplite products by easily providing the information users need about that product, all at their fingertips in a matter of seconds. Equiplite LYnkMe™ ultimately unburdens the workload for users and makes the task of manually managing product information virtually obsolete.

    Equiplite “LYnkMe™ eases the administrative demands for the user in regard to service schedules, certification, maintenance history, and identification on all your Equiplite and Synthetic products”, Equiplite LYnkMe™ can be useful for anyone but, for a customer with 30 products or more, they have a thousand other things to manage, and Equiplite LYnkMe™ is there to provide complete relief from managing all their synthetic hardware.

    ”Superintelligent Synthetic” Say hello to LYnkMe™- MMS, the ultimate Synthetic/ Hardware chip


    + Tag/ read out all your Equiplite and synthetic products.

    + Pair/ Linked your iPhone or Android mobile with any devices and use your mobile as a scanner.

    + Notifications delivered to your Equiplite LYnkMe™ app, including alerts, reminders service schedules.

    + Find and download in each product the digital INSTALLATION-manual.pdf/ CERTIFICATE.pdf 24/7, 365 days a year.

    + Customize notes, Use Notes specific in each product to capture a quick thought, assign position, create checklist, custom specs, ideas, and more.

    + Maintenance management system, Lightening the administration of its user with regards to, automatic service schedules, Certification, Maintenance-history 24/7, 365 days a year - iPhone or Android mobile device. A unique automatic archiving system will enable you to go back years in your maintenance.

    + Marine surveyors and insurance, Adding/ using the Equiplite LYnkMe™ to a yacht's management system guarantees not only close record keeping but ensures approval of both marine surveyors and insurance companies.

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