LYnkMe™ that Improve your/ clients' SY/ MY's management. Identify your product, Position, digital INSTALLATION-manual.pdf/ CERTIFICATE.pdf, Read your service reports and more.

LYnkMe™ from Equiplite — What is it?

Software app to LYnkMe™, better reflecting the self-acting World. Under this system, an NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip is injected into the full range of Equiplite Synthetic products, which then connects to the cloud when scanned, which ensures that all users can have easy access to this vital information – 24/7, 365 days a year – by mobile device.

How does it work. Use the mobile devices to read of all Equiplite products by easily providing the information users need about that product, all at their fingertips in a matter of seconds.

To extend your coverage further, join LYnkMe™ MMS™ account+. Adding this Maintenance Management System to a yacht's management system guarantees not only close record keeping but ensures approval of both marine surveyors and insurance companies.

Read out positions.

  • Hardware >Engraved
  • Software(Synthetic) >Red mark



  • Identification

    An identification chip (NFC) will improve the management of all Equiplite soft & hardware products, just by scanning it. This gives all personal details of the past item you need in a matter of seconds.
    + Position//Function
    + Certificate number
    + Improved management
    + Lightening the administrative
    + Maintenance history
  • Notes with LYnkMe™

    Use Notes specific in each product to capture a quick thought, assign position, create checklist, custom specs, ideas, and more. And with LYnkMe™, you can keep your product range.
  • Maintenance management system

    Lightening the administration of its user with regards to, Automatic service schedules, Certification, Maintenance-history 24/7, 365 days a year - by mobile device. A unique automatic archiving system will enable you to go back years in your maintenance. Contact us

Desk support. Protection Plan.

This plan provides priority access to Equiplite's technical support staff by smart desks, Facetime and phone
12/7 hours a day, allowing you to manage resources more efficiently, training using MMS™ account+,
Installation advice. improve technical responce time to the SY/MY and the organization.

Smart desks

Join LYnkMe™ MMS™ account+.
Desk Support.

MMS™ account+ coverage included support
from Equiplite experts Join
Frequently asked question
Positon NFC-Chip on the Equiplite® products to Scan?

Read out positions on the Hardware:

- Engraved signal icone.

Read out positions on the Synthetic:

- Red mark.

How to install?

+ Download Installation sheet: LYnkMe™ (MMS™)

How do I identify my Equiplite® product?

How does it work, Your Equiplite® product has an NFC chip injected in her synthetic and hardware. Use the Mobile devices to read the data of your Equiplite® product to the cloud — to the LYnkMe™ app.

+ To read the NFC-Chip follow the following steps.

+ Please find the Read out positions.

+ Please find the Functionalities.

Used on?

All Equiplite® Hardware and Synthetic products.

What do the abbreviations in Equiplite® product names stand for?

LYnkMe™ = Registrated product name.

MMS™ = Maintenance Management System.

Account+ = 3 years of support from Equiplite®