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Mast base preload AUToLOCK™ from Equiplite. Equiplite WEDgLOCk™ is, universal for all (mast bace block) brands.

What is an WEDgLOCk™, The ultimate solution for organizing and storing halyards. With WEDgLOCk™, you can clean, save and easily preload standard halyards from 250-1500 kg without the need for expensive lock stoppers. The Equiplite WEDgLOCks™ is mainly to be able to put away all halyards with the setup mast base winch that are not in use.

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If you’re in need of a more permanent solution, our other Equiplite products provide the same power as the Prodcut WEDgLOCks™, but are meant to stay put. Try our Mastbace blocks — durable. lightweight and can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability.

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Mast base preload AUToLOCK™ from Equiplite

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