1. Polymeren Equiplite hybride plain bearings VHLi™.Coefficients of Friction and Surfaces
    Polymeren Equiplite hybride plain bearings VHLi™.Coefficients of Friction and Surfaces

    The High-Tech performance polymeren Equiplite® hybride plain bearings VHLi™.

    Coefficients of Friction and Surfaces.

    Sometimes answering technical questions in a meeting and not coming up with the center/ our hard of the block. The difference between a sliding bearing and a ceramic ball bearing. The friction coefficient is now only 6%.

    As a good example if you have an travler car (VO 65) 8T MWL block | In a position that is trimmed 24/7, you will feel the difference of the 6% friction from the plain bearing.

    This comes as an example that there is up to say 8 max 12 knots of wind and a very low load to move the Traveler car. BUT the cover is there. As the loads increase you will see that 6% friction shoot down immediately. the difference than of the sliding bearing and a ball bearing can be neglected.

    Sailers conclusion:
    For racing yachts (VO 65/ open 60/ TP52 ) and than for the position traveler car/ main sheet use the ball-bearing. For all other positions the polymeren hybride plain bearings VHLi™.

    Because; the friction coefficient is so little, the advantages are so great to have sliding bearing standard everywhere.

    + More durable, less wear and tear to equipment, extending equipment lifetimes and lowering significant maintenance costs
    + Weight reduction of at least 60%
    + Very high loads
    + 60% compact hardware
    + The bearing utilize advanced high load low
    friction polymer bearing technology, giving unparalled loaded bearing
    efficiency of at least 94% . (with dry operation, without need for
    lubrication). Snatch blocks have unmatched impact and wear resistance

    According to the EKH-Code of practice ISO 9001 - VCA **-EKH. Ensures approval of both marine surveyors and insurance companies.

    Management is improved by:
    Registered on; Maintanance mannagment NFC chip.
    Managed by; LYnkMe™ (MMS) from Equiplite
    'Self-acting: scheduling service, Certification, Maintenance-history and Identification on all your Equiplite® and Synthetic'


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  2. St. Barths Bucket Regatta 2023
    St. Barths Bucket Regatta 2023

    Equiplite® is once again supporting the biggest superyacht regatta of the Caribbean season. With one of the most exclusive fleets in the world assembling in St. Barths.

    SY Athos, SY Ranger are one of the Super yachts breaking the mould and choosing Equiplite more than a decade. Curious to see and learn more of most of these yachts as well as the stunning scenery? Please find the article “St. Barths Bucket Regattas: in pictures” at

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