1. Way 9 of the 10 large sails are hoisted and held by Equiplite SWIv™ or LION™ furling top swivels
    Way 9 of the 10 large sails are hoisted and held by Equiplite SWIv™ or LION™ furling top swivels

    Way 9 of the 10 large sails are hoisted and held by Equiplite SWIv™ or LION™ furling top swivels..?

    Cutting-Edge Sail Technology Revolutionizes Maritime Safety.

    In a groundbreaking development for maritime safety, nine out of ten large sails are now effortlessly hoisted and secured by Equiplite SWIv or LION furling top swivels. This innovation marks a significant stride towards safer and more efficient sailing practices/ performence.

    These cutting-edge swivels are designed precisely for their current application: the integration of synthetic attachments such as lock strops, halyards and ropes. Both the Equiplite and synthetic rope attachments boast certification up to their break load, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for sailors. With a satisfaction ratio of 7:1, these ultra-lightweight swivels provide a secure interface that promises to revolutionize sailing operations.

    TRemarkably, despite their lightweight design, these swivels boast an impressive Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) as an example; 90,000kg, while weighing merely 1.5kg. This synthetic swiveling connector is not only efficient but also exceeds safety standards outlined in the EKH-Code of practice ISO 9001 - VCA **-EKH, earning the approval of marine surveyors and insurance companies alike

    The versatility of these swivels extends to various sailing applications, including tender lifting, auto headboard car locks, halyards, sheets, and boom preventers. By offering a secure and reliable solution for multiple facets of sailing, these swivels are poised to become an indispensable asset for sailors worldwide.

    In a maritime landscape where safety is paramount, the Equiplite SWIv and LION furling top swivels stand out as a beacon of Safest Interface, Structured and max luff lenght technology and maxium sail performence.

    USED ON:
    + Tender lifting
    + Auto headboard car Locks
    + Locks
    + Halyards
    + Sheets
    + Boom preventers

    ”Superintelligent Synthetic: Say hello to LYnkMe, the ultimate Synthetic/ Hardware RFID chip.
    Management is improved by:
    Registered on; Maintanance mannagment NFC chip.
    Managed by; LYnkMe™ from Equiplite
    'Self-acting: scheduling service, Certification, Maintenance-history and Identification on all your Equiplite® and Synthetic'


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  2. Mast base preload AUToLOCK™ from Equiplite
    Mast base preload AUToLOCK™ from Equiplite

    Innovation already used 8,000 nautical miles. Broked the transatlantic records…

    Mast base preload AUToLOCK™ from Equiplite. Equiplite WEDgLOCk™ is, universal for all (mast bace block) brands.

    What is an WEDgLOCk™, The ultimate solution for organizing and storing halyards. With WEDgLOCk™, you can clean, save and easily preload standard halyards from 250-1500 kg without the need for expensive lock stoppers. The Equiplite WEDgLOCks™ is mainly to be able to put away all halyards with the setup mast base winch that are not in use.

    Are you fond of them?
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    Mr Poorter, Lourens

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    If you’re in need of a more permanent solution, our other Equiplite products provide the same power as the Prodcut WEDgLOCks™, but are meant to stay put. Try our Mastbace blocks — durable. lightweight and can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability.

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