What are yacht snatching blocks?

What are yacht snatching blocks?

Onboard a yacht or boat, each of the pulleys (or blocks) have specific names depending on the task. Blocks have many uses, including from the simple hoisting of flags to hoisting or controlling heavy sails.

Yacht snatch blocks are a heavy-duty pulley inside a Carbon casing. They are an incredibly useful rigging tool to have on board a sailing yacht, because they can be placed on a line without threading the line through the cheeks. Instead, they are designed with one cheek that opens to allow a rope to be inserted. That way, you don’t have to thread the line through the entire system. Generally, they provide a quick, temporary solution to different line routing issues you may encounter while sailing.

You’ll find that using a snatch block allows you to cut out several steps that may be involved in other rigging systems, which is why they are desirable to use in a pinch. For the most part, you will find that snatch blocks are useful for quick rigging adaptations, not permanent applications.

How to use a snatch block:

While there are several different types of snatch blocks on the market, they are all fairly similar and easy to use. Simply open the cheek to insert the line. Close the block securely and then attach the head of the block to whatever is your intended strongpoint.

Using a snatch block effectively can double your winch’s pulling power in many situations when a regular single pulley wouldn’t be able to. Using the snatch block, you can create a double line winch recovery, meaning that the winch line is wrapped through the snatch block and then attached back to a mounting point on the recovering vehicle. Instead of pulling against the anchor or mounting point, the winch is pulling itself out from the front bumper. The line is moving half the distance it would need to using a single pulley system, but doing the same amount of work.

On a yacht or boat, a snatch block can be used for bigger rigging jobs, or smaller fine tuning. It is incredibly versatile.

Some of the most common uses for snatch blocks include:
● Jib fairleads - You may encounter wind conditions that require you to adjust the fairleads on your headsail, moving them to a new direction. However, you may find that you cannot tack to make adjustments, due to the amount of pressure on your genoa sheets. In this case, you can run the sheet through a snatch block to take the load off the original sheet. From there, you can adjust to pull the lead inboard and narrow the sheeting angle or depower the sail by pulling the lead outboard.
● Guide anchor rodes - Using a snatch block on the lower rail allows you to lead the anchor rode through it and keep the line off the deck. This reduces the chafe. The snatch block also helps to make the anchor easier to retrieve by supporting the rode away from the topsides.
● Adjust the spinnaker sheets - At times, a snatch block can be useful to pull a spinnaker sheet down to the rail, which reduces downwind oscillations. You can also increase the sheeting base on the spinnakers by placing a snatch block at the end of the boom.

The best snatch block on the market:

The Equiplite equipment provides much more power than needed on a regular basis, but will come in handy when you truly need it. The tool provides lifting applications, emergency towing guides, and anchor control systems.

Purchasing an Equiplite product means choosing the best and lightest hardware available. The Equiplite snatch block is the only snatching block world-wide equipped with Carbon sides that, combined with advanced synthetic self-aligning, give you all the metrics you need to equip your yacht & lifting applications. The CORe Block adds another dimension to the Equiplite block experience, due to its new expanding modular technology it is possible for us to transform it into three different styles.

Our Quick Style blocks are durable and lightweight, so they can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability and can both meet the needs of the sailors and reach performance targets. Safety, softness, lightweight, protection all contribute to reduced possible damage to your Yacht and crew.

What are the features of the Equiplite snatch block?

At the heart of the block lies the modular based design which consists of a Center shaft, a hard anodised coated sheave VHL bearing and two side plates The modular design of the block creates high serviceability. With only one key it is possible to disassemble the 3 Style.
20% wider bearing allows increased radial loads and larger contact surface; an Equiplite CORe can achieve approximately 2X the load for a given size, weight and cost compared to traditional blocks; very high load, low friction, polymer bearing technology gives unparalleled efficiency of at least 94% in dry operation; better drainage of salt; complete protection and shield of shaft; unique: contact surface and slide characteristics improve with wear.

For a more permanent solution:

If you’re in need of a more permanent solution, our other rigging blocks provide the same power as the snatch block, but are meant to stay put. Try our LASh style — durable. lightweight and can meet the high demands of the team in terms of technology, performance, durability.


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