The Major Differences Between Harken vs. Equiplite

The Major Differences Between Harken vs. Equiplite:

Finding the correct boating equipment for your needs is important, but it’s not as simple as it might sound. There are a lot of options out there, and you want to make sure that you’re choosing the equipment that is going to work exactly how you need it to. Equiplite prides itself on being a go-to for boaters, both seasoned and amateur. However, you may find that there are some pieces of equipment that work better elsewhere.

In order to help you make the best decision possible, we’re going to break down some of the major differences between Equiplite and one of our competitors, Harken. These two brands are often compared on both quality and price, which is what will be broken down below.

The goal is to get you more oriented in choosing your next piece of equipment.

Which is better: Harken or Equiplite?

The answer is simple: neither is better! There is simply one that will likely better suit your needs. For example, Equiplite prides itself on the highest quality Synthetic fiber hardware. Equiplite’s synthetic loops are the only ones that are well-integrated on the hardware. The brand’s synthetic fiber hardware is the only product out there that is certified. One of the best features of the synthetic fiber hardware Where the hardware self-allines itself, which performs even better at higher loads.

This means that is can perform better at higher loads because it can achieve and maintain correct alignment all on its own, instead of needing constant adjusting.

The self-alignment technique was specifically created by Equiplite and is designed to perform well with all other Equiplite products.

However, if you are comparing price, Harken is the clear winner. The brand is far more economical. This is because Harken products do not have some of the same top notch technological advancements integrated into their products. This doesn’t mean that the equipment isn’t quality. In fact, many of the products are especially great for newer boat owners, or someone who is looking for a simple piece of hardware.

If you aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles, then Harken might be better for you. It definitely won’t hurt your wallet quite as much, and the product will perform exactly how you need it to. If you are looking for a product that is slightly more advanced, and you have money to upgrade, then you might consider Equiplite. While the products are at a higher price point, you will certainly not be disappointed by the top of the line quality and performance.

Snatch Blocks: Harken vs. Equiplite:

One of the most common pieces of equipment needed for any boat owner is snatch blocks. They are a fairly basic piece of hardware, but they are essential to your boat functioning properly. The truth is, both Harken and Equiplite have similar and well-functioning plain and needle bearing snatch blocks. One of the biggest differences is that Equiplite’s snatch blocks delivery slightly better performance when working with higher loads. They allow for 60% weight reduction, compared to Harken snatch blocks.

There are also some core structural differences. On the Harken snatch blocks, you will be able to see that the side plates are made of aluminum. They also use two ears to hold and secure the fiber loop. This actually makes the block slightly unstable in the line out. This can raise concerns about yacht protection, but the product does not provide any safeguards for when the snatch block becomes unstable. There is also no synthetic loop included with the snatch block.

As for the Equiplite snatch blocks, the side plates are made of a stunning ultralight carbon. Equiplite has designed a patented synthetic loop system attachment within the hardware. It is the only system that is certified to hold synthetic fiber in the hardware until breaking load. The synthetic loop is included in the purchase, and the product comes with a full yacht protection guarantee should anything go wrong. These are small but important details that make the Equiplite snatch blocks slightly better performing. Though it’s important to keep in mind they are also slightly more expensive.

What about other products?

Purchasing any Equiplite product means you are choosing the best and lightest Synthetic hardware currently available on the market. The company prides itself on keeping all products to the highest possible standard — it is at the core of everything they design. Once you purchase Equiplite equipment, you will have access to technicians that can provide information, data and even suggestions related to each product.

Equiplite has held certification for the only synthetic hardware on the market since 2002 and is fully tested in breaking load, fatigue, and abrasion. It’s not possible to break down every single product available from both Harken and Equiplite. However, the core of the product information about snatch blocks can be applied to any other product

When you choose an Equiplite product, you can rest assured that, while you might be investing slightly more money, you are getting the best product available to you. Not only that, but you are also gaining access to guaranteed product satisfaction for lifetime

Try Equiplite:

If you’re interested in Equiplite products, do some research on the specific product you are looking to purchase. Feel free to reach out with any questions, as Equiplite team members are.

happy to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. At the end of the day, the quality of every product on your boat is of utmost importance.

Equiplite wants you to be able to get out on the water without worrying about the performance of your hardware. When you purchase any product, you can be at ease knowing that you couldn’t possibly be in better hands.


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