The High-Tech performance polymeren Equiplite® hybride plain bearings VHLi™.

Coefficients of Friction and Surfaces.

Sometimes answering technical questions in a meeting and not coming up with the center/ our hard of the block. The difference between a sliding bearing and a ceramic ball bearing. The friction coefficient is now only 6%.

As a good example if you have an travler car (VO 65) 8T MWL block | In a position that is trimmed 24/7, you will feel the difference of the 6% friction from the plain bearing.

This comes as an example that there is up to say 8 max 12 knots of wind and a very low load to move the Traveler car. BUT the cover is there. As the loads increase you will see that 6% friction shoot down immediately. the difference than of the sliding bearing and a ball bearing can be neglected.

Sailers conclusion:
For racing yachts (VO 65/ open 60/ TP52 ) and than for the position traveler car/ main sheet use the ball-bearing. For all other positions the polymeren hybride plain bearings VHLi™.

Because; the friction coefficient is so little, the advantages are so great to have sliding bearing standard everywhere.

+ More durable, less wear and tear to equipment, extending equipment lifetimes and lowering significant maintenance costs
+ Weight reduction of at least 60%
+ Very high loads
+ 60% compact hardware
+ The bearing utilize advanced high load low
friction polymer bearing technology, giving unparalled loaded bearing
efficiency of at least 94% . (with dry operation, without need for
lubrication). Snatch blocks have unmatched impact and wear resistance

According to the EKH-Code of practice ISO 9001 - VCA **-EKH. Ensures approval of both marine surveyors and insurance companies.

Management is improved by:
Registered on; Maintanance mannagment NFC chip.
Managed by; LYnkMe™ (MMS) from Equiplite
'Self-acting: scheduling service, Certification, Maintenance-history and Identification on all your Equiplite® and Synthetic'


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Polymeren Equiplite hybride plain bearings VHLi™.Coefficients of Friction and Surfaces

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